Features of Top Rated Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers are necessary devices that are needed to keep our lawns plush and beautiful. Problem arises whenever we need to replace the old fashioned, broken down, obsolete lawn mower or simply get one for the first time. There GreenWorks-25112exist eight different lawn mower types which are suited for different categories of people.

The reason for buying a particular lawn mower is as a result of need and budget. Top rated lawn mowers achieve a balance between need, maintenance cost, ease of use, safety, noise, durability and ruggedness. We have been able to identify the top rated lawn mowers that are available for you.

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

As its name suggests, zero turn lawn mowers have a zero degree turn radius. This feature makes them very efficient and preferred among professionals. These lawn mowers will save you time and energy. They will also save you money based on reduced power consumption as a result of time savings. However, they are expensive to procure.

 Push Lawn Mowers

The good old push type lawn mowers are still top rated. The produce very fine cuts and are very capable for cutting through thick grass. Their designs are very simple and inexpensive. They are also simple to use. Their simplicity confines their suitability to small yards as they require more time and energy to operate. Trying to mow a mid-range to long yard becomes impractical. They also require you to keep moving them forward as you work your way through the yard.

 Riding Lawn Mowers

These lawn mowers are made for comfort. A seat is provided for the operator with a vehicle like steering for easy navigation. They are excellent for any size of yard and can be gas- powered or electric- powered. They are however very expensive and a little behind zero turn mowers in efficiency.

Gas Lawn Mowers

When you fix a gas-powered engine on any manually driven lawn mower such as the push, zero turn or riding lawn mowers, you get the gas lawn mower. Though in recent times their popularity and preference have dropped among users due to the rise in popularity of electric drives, they are still relatively common. Gas drives are powerful, produce fine cuts even in the thickest yards but can be noisy and can cause air and environmental pollution.

 Electric Lawn Mowers

The electric lawn mower is similar to the gas lawn mower. The gas engine in a gas lawn mower is simply replaced with an electric drive. They offer better advantages such as being very silent in operation and pollution free. The electric drive has to be connected to a power source. The connecting cord creates a limitation in the distance the mower can cover.

Battery Lawn Mower

Due to the cord limitation of electric lawn mowers, battery powered or cordless lawn mowers have been developed. In essence, they have the additional benefit of working limitlessly until the battery drains. They are super silent and pollution free.

 Reel Lawn Mower

If you are looking for a budget size lawn mower and still want one of the top rated lawn mowers then this one is the real deal. It is made for small size lawns, without any gas or electric drive. There is no noise or environmental pollution and your grass is better protected. There is little or no maintenance cost also. Too sweet? Don’t forget, they can only suitable for small sized lawns and will require your energy.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

This is state of the art for lawn mowers. As expected, they are still unbelievably expensive and error prone. With time, they will become almost perfect and you will be able to automate your work without expending any energy at all.

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