How to Grow Marijuana Outdoor

Marijuana is derived from the Cannabis plant and is used for either medicinal purposes or as a psychoactive drug. It has been found that this plant is the most used and abused substance in the whole world. Today, it is already claimed by various groups of people that due to the advancement in technology, there are already various cultivation as well as breeding techniques which allow growers to produce a highly potent version of the cannabis plant; this occurred especially during the discovery of the THC. There are various ways of reproduction and cultivation the marijuana plants; among them are cloning, hydroponics, high-intensity artificial lighting as well as the sea of green method; these are commonly used in areas where in the production of marijuana are prohibited which makes planting it outdoors very risky.

If you prefer growing the said plant outdoor, especially if your location permits, you need to keep in mind a few important aspects in order for your marijuana plants to flourish; because just like any regular plant, there are various factors that affect the successful production of seeds and the plants as well. Cannabis plant prefers to grow in warm and sunny environments; but if you are located in a cold location, you can also cultivate this plant although you should start with the hardy variety, those which can stand extreme cold temperatures. And again, is in not legal to take care of marijuana plants unless you have been given permission by the authorities to do so especially for medical use.

Growing these weeds outdoor doesn’t need too much attention because they are in their natural environment, so as long as there is sunlight, water, and air your plant will surely survive. You can also be certain about your harvest’s cleanliness because hydroponics doesn’t need to be added to the soil and to the plant unless it is grown indoors.

If you have decided to start you marijuana plantation outdoors, keep in mind that you have to choose the right variety and of course the best because the process will also cost you a few dollars so better spend it wisely. The seed germination usually takes about ten days as long as the environment is controlled because this is the most crucial stage in determining if the seed will prosper or wilt.

Sunlight is among the most essential aspect in growing marijuana both indoors and outdoors because it is a sun loving plant and it requires at least eight straight hours of sun exposure everyday.

Another important factor to consider is the soil because this is where it all happens. Take note that you will be able to produce the best kind of marijuana plant if you go for a fertile soil which means it is packed with all the nutrients and helpful microorganisms that your plant will need that will be avoilable at quality Marijuana seeds at In addition, a good soil should not be filled with rocks, clay, and weeds because these can jeopardize the health of the marijuana plant. During the planting process, you should start by cleaning out all the undesired elements especially the weeds that can compete with the soil nutrients that are supposed to be seeped solely by the marijuana plant. Once the area is cleaned, you can already dig a hole which is approximately 4-6 inches deep and then you can already place one seed in each then cover with the same soil that you removed from digging. For some growers, they also add a few extra earthworms that will help cultivate the soil and make it more fertile for the seeds to thrive.

The plant spacing is also important. The distance between one plant to the other should be approximately three feet because if they are planted too close it will result to the stunted growth of the plants. On the other hand, in watering your plants be sure to pour an amount that is just enough because they do not love water as much as they love sunlight. In some cases, when you water them too much, expect that the roots of your plants will rot because of the excessive amount of water that takes up the space which is supposed to be for the oxygen.

These are only the basic things you need in order to grow marijuana outdoor, there is no need for expensive gadgets and tools because air, sun and water can do the trick.

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