How to Rekindle the Flames

Having or committing to one partner that you love means that at times the physical relationship gets boring or too predictable. In as much as you still love them, you feel the need to rejuvenate things in the bedroom. You will always find the same flame with new partner but you can also opt for ways to rekindle the flame in the sheets. When thinking on how to make it passionate that is not predictable you should think of trying out new things visit for more information. There are also various things that help increase the passion.

  1. Lengthen the period – This is mainly for the benefit of the woman who often needs more foreplay before they completely get into the mood. You can also start it when not together to build up the tension. Naughty texts and erotic phone calls can help. You can also start teasing each other hours before you get down to it.

  1. Get your head into it – On how to have it, you need to realize that your head has to be in the game. You should not have things on your mind that are distracting you. Try to clear everything on your schedule before start it.

  1. Keep both your breathing in synch – This not only creates a physical connection for you but also an emotional one. To achieve satisfying time these two need to be there. It should be such that as one person exhales the other person inhales such that the same air is circulating between you two. You can do this lying face to face next to each other.

  1. When considering how to rekindle the flames you should consider doing from your hand. You can do this in front of your partner or alone. It helps remind you of your sensitive areas and where you like to be touched. You can then show this to your partner and they will know what to do hence forth.

  1. Try something new – Rekindling the flame involves trying something you have never done before. You can try a new location or a new position. You can also try a new kind of talk or even role playing. The key is to keep your partner interested. A blindfold could work or even fulfilling your partner’s fetishes. Eye contact and delaying the pleasure goes a long way in ensuring the climax is mind blowing.

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