How to Survive the First Night in Go Minecraft Games

When playing in the survival mode of the go Minecraft games, the one priority that should always be on your mind is exactly how you will survive the first night. This is the most crucial part of this game; once you survive the first night, you can be able to comfortably continue with the rest of the same. Given below are a few easy steps that will help you to ensure that you do survive but please note that these steps will not apply in the creative or peaceful mode.

MI3Ensure that you begin working right away; do not waste any time and do not leave anything to chance. The moment that you start playing the go Minecraft games, you need to put in every effort into ensuring that you survive this first night. The game normally has day to night cycles that it goes through and during the night cycle, monsters appear. You need to ensure that by the time the night falls, you have built yourself a very solid structure that will be able to give you sufficient protection from the monsters.

Ensure that you have gathered all the materials that you will need. So as to be able to build anything within the game, you will need to have materials. For purposes of surviving the first night, wood is a very crucial material. Look for trees and punch them; this is done by holding down your mouse’s left button. This will allow you to destroy the tree and collect your wood. It is advisable to start with twenty pieces of wood.

After you have done that, you need to create your crafting table. This is a very important item as it will be used in the creation of all the items that you will create in the game. So as to be able to complete the building of your shelter, you will first need to build the crafting table.

Once your crafting table is complete, you will need to craft the tools that you will be using in the creating of your items within the same. The tools will particularly be essential in the harvesting of a large umber of materials. Use the wood that you have collected and the crafting table that you have built to craft your first tools. A sword, a shovel, an axe and a pickaxe are some of the major tools that you need to build first.

After you have built your tools, you can then proceed onto building your shelter. Once you have settled in inside the shelter you can move on to finding food. Make sure that you find the food before the night falls.

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