Photoshop Web Design Tutorial

There are so many web designers in the market today that are very much used to creating mock ups using Dreamweaver and Adobe Fireworks. However, there is no design program in the entire market that has been able to match up to the control that one gets from working with Adobe Photoshop. Below is a clear and simple Photoshop web photoshop tutorial that you can use even as a beginner to insert the photo of the author of a website.

One of the greatest benefits that come with this kind of web design is that fact that the feeling that you are simply Surface_2D00_Pro_2D00_2_2D00_Photoshop_2D00_CC_2D00_Pen_2D00_Sketch_2D00_Macro_2D00_1200_5F00_7B464B2Ctrying to close a sale is totally erased. You get the feeling that you are working to form a long lasting and working relationship with your customers; it actually makes you care about them and look at them as individuals and not potential revenue generators.

Establishing such a connection will work much better for you in the future as it will be easier for the customers to buy from you as they will also feel that they are connecting with you as a person and not just a brand.

Below is the Photoshop web design tutorial:

To insert the author’s photo, you will start by creating a new file; go to the menu bar, select file and then new; ensure that you select one with 72 dpi and 770x750px. Make use of the rectangle tool (U) to represent the background of the pages that you will be having on the website.

Go to the layers panel and then right click on the layer that you will be working with; this is for purposes of setting the next parameters. Select Blending options and then gradient overlay.

Select the rectangle tool once again to represent the area that you have preserved for the portrait of the author and also the lateral menu. You will first need to represent the common primary layer after which you will need to press the Alt button to allow you to separate the zones; all this while applying the same tool applied before.

Take the photo of the author and then insert it carefully on the picture. Remember to apply the free transform option when placing the photo to ensure that it is done right. Press the Alt button once again and then right click between the layers of the photos and the prepared zone to ensure that the photo fits perfectly within the limits of the frame.

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